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“Once in a lifetime”

Furò and Punteruolo craft leather goods

It all started for my need or whim, I don't know how to call it !!!

I was a truck driver and I wanted to stop smoking cigarettes and started smoking tobacco. I realized that shortly after I opened the envelope the tobacco dried and crumbled, making it difficult to smoke. One day I entered a tobacco shop and in a shop window I saw a leather tobacco rack. I immediately had a light bulb on my head: I immediately went to see a leather handmade maker friend and buy the necessary leather. While I was buying leather, my thoughts were already on how I could make my tobacco rack. Immediately afterwards I bought some thread and needles and when I returned at night to work I would start sewing my tobacco rack. I managed to get my leather bag and one morning, when I had to pick up some bales of used clothes with my truck, the customer saw the leather tobacco bag and immediately ordered one for me. Very happy, I immediately started to make it and when I handed it to him he invited me to participate in the craft markets that were organized every second Sunday of the month in Piazza delle Bigonge in Prato. It was June 2009 and I worked the leather in my spare time when I finished my job as a truck driver. On Christmas of that year I attended my first market. I had succeeded in making belts, small change bags, cigarette cases and of course tobacco racks. I remember doing some sales, but the thing I remember with more pleasure are the compliments I received from both the other artisans of the market, and from the people passing by.

The more time went on, the more this passion grew inside me. Going around with the truck I had I found myself looking closely at the most varied craft and industrial activities in all areas of Prato and the surrounding area. Some of my production methods and related tools are the result of the versatility of materials and instruments designed and used on materials that are very different from the production of bags, wallets and belts. The continuous relationship between theory and practice was always in my mind, I thought and reflected after the difficulties and errors, and I was always thinking and imagining before starting to make my objects. From 2009 to 2013 I did two jobs: in the morning and in the afternoon traveling by truck and in the evening and sometimes even after dinner cutting and sewing my products by hand to sell in the markets. The first market, the one in Piazza delle Bigonge I did with a beach umbrella and a 60 x 100 cm plywood table and the last one in Piazza Strozzi in Florence with a gazebo of 2mt x 4m. In these four years I have sold my creations throughout Tuscany: Prato, Florence, Lucca, Pistoia, Siena, San Gimignano and Fiesole. I also did Artour and Rural Expo with ArteSiena with Claridea, which for me were some of the most important events I attended from 2009 to 2013.

Seeing that my products were so popular, I decided to open a workshop / shop in the center of Florence and on 02 March 2014 I finally fulfilled my dream.

I opened this shop for my great passion, to be able to express with my own hands and my head all that I am selling today. I still have great satisfaction in seeing the people who come to my shop, how excited they are to see kitchens with needle and thread, cut a belt in front of their eyes, make an object at the customer's request. People stop to look at all my work tools, most of which I built myself. The biggest thrust is given to me by the people who go around my shop: who wants me to autograph them in bags, who wants to take pictures with me ...

As for leather, I only use vegetable tanned leather, so natural and vegetable colors and no chemical products are used in the treatment of leather coloring. Now from this site you can see what I produce and if someone wants a custom object or something that I don't have in the store, I will try to fulfill your wishes.
Paolo Fattori

Vegetable tanned leather

The products I create are handmade only with vegetable tanned leather, so the colors are entirely natural and vegetable. No chemical products are used in the treatment of leather.

Vegetable tanned leather is a technique that has a centuries-old tradition among Tuscan artisans, whose processing takes place without upsetting the leather, respecting the animal and the harmony of nature. In fact, the leather used derives from cattle selected for the food industry, so no animals are slaughtered to benefit the tanning process.

Quotations "Florence on measure"

"Florence on measure" is the guide that speaks about the Florentine artisans, in two languages ​​(English and Italian), created by the Oma Association and by the Editorial Group, with the support of the Cr Firenze Foundation, and with the patronage of the Municipality and present in the best bookshops in Tuscany, Milan and Rome. Among the sixty Florentine artisans recounted in the guide, I too am present with my handmade leather goods with vegetable tanned leather. "Our companies have come a long way. They have been shown to mark a living and productive model and a continuous stylistic and formal proposal". CIT. Maria Pilar Lebole, head of the Oma Association for the Cr Firenze Foundation

Quotations "Florence & Tuscany"

Not far away, Furò e Punteruolo ("Flatknife and Awl") sells a small selection of wallets, purses, and handbags in a more rustic style.

Paulo makes everytjing by hand on the premises (clodes Mon morning, Via del Giglio 29 red, mobile 348-437-0867).
by Rick Steves

Some of our Products

All my products are customizable and are handmade with certified materials, natural and vegetable tannings


  • Very professional cract man's Shop. Real good's in here.

    Yoshi F. - Facebook
  • Amazing craftsmanship! After 3 days in Firenze checking out countless leather shops, I finally found the perfect vegetable tanned leather bag I was looking for. This store has its workshop inside, so you can see Paolo working on his leather products while you browse the store. The quality of the leather is impeccable, and because it is vegetable tanned leather, overtime it will develop a patina that is personal to you. Among all the leather shops in Firenze, this is truly a gem.

    Denise S. - Yelp
  • We have been to this fantastic leather shop twice, Nice to see leathers goods being made in the shop. Purchase a leather bag on second visit " Fantastic “

    Kenneth B. - Google
  • Wonderful store, got a nice leather belt for a good price. Hand trimmed and punched in the holes and logo after I selected my color. Definitely recommend.

    Grace Z. - Google

Kim Yoo-jung

Backstage of #halfholidayinitaly filming with the famous Korean actress Kim Yoo-jung.
We had the pleasure and honor of having been chosen as a workshop in Florence.
A unique experience, in which we had the opportunity to take some photos during the shooting of the episode.
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